Grain Separator (Shaking Double)

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Grain Separator (Shaking Double)

Category: Cleaning

Product Code: ECCS 140x180 - D

It is used to separate small and big impurities from grain by vibration system.

-          Bigger impurities than grain at top sieve and smaller impurities than grain at bottom sieves are separated in machine.

-          Sieves are produced according to strongbox and zigzag technic.

-          Thanks to distributor at product inlet, distribution is done to all surface of sieve.

-          Vibro motors on body are adjustable angle hence it provides effective cleaning.

-          Easy removable of sieve boxes provide easy cleaning and maintenance.

-          Sieve meshes are effective cleaned by vibration balls inside of the box.

-          Thanks to vibration wedges, vibration never affects to the floor.

-           Product flow may be sighted easily by sight glasses.

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