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Product Code: ECV 250x1000

It is one of the most important machines in mills and used to grind all kind of grains according to diagram. Single or double designs are available according to request and diagram. Single roller mills contain 4 rolls in parallel with double design roller mills contain 8 rolls. It may be produced as 1000mm length however 600mm, 800mm and 1250mm models are available depending on request or diagram.

-          Reinforced 16mm plate-body thickness.

-          G22 steel cast-iron bearings.

-          Vibration rubbers under bearing slides made from special strong rubber.

-          Sustained tense Poly V belts thanks to self-tension pulley system.

-          Reinforced slide system provides easy maintenance and roll changing in a short time.

-          Motor drive mechanism by sensor operates according to product density.

-          Feeding roll system may be adjusted manually.

-          Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to removable side hatches and complete convertible lift gates in front of panel system.

-          Special compressed pulleys provide easy assembling and disassembling.

-          Excellent roll surface cleaning by guarded and hermetically sealed brush.

-          Product inlet point aspiration system.

-          Protection system by sensor against to filled bottom hopper.

-          Product contact surfaces and inner sides are made of epoxy painted according to ‘’Codex aliment Arius’’ however aluminum and SS are available depending on requests.

-          Manual rotational system for roll adjustment.

-          Bearings are ZKL.

-          Pneumatic System is MAG.

-          The roller mills are designed according to CE standards as minimum noise and vibration.

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